A CFA Breed Club ~ Northwest Region

Havana Brown Fanciers has members in the following states: Alabama,  Arizona, California, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesee, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas.  We have International Members in China and the United Kingdom.  One of our Board members resides in Italy. 

Club Officers:                               

President:  Julie Wendt                   

Vice President:  Diana Esch-Mosher                  

Secretary:  Sheila Ullmann

Treasurer:  Larry Ullmann                    


Board of Directors:              

Debbie Decker                       

Jonna Inman

Dr. Karen Rogers

Leann Rupy




RW SGCA Siddhis OE Kavanaugh Rinn                       


 There are two types of membership; Active or Associate.

Active Membership- Voting memberships are reserved for members who own Havana Browns.

Associate Membership- Reserved for admirers of the breed who are not owners and for those under age 18.

Membership information can be obtained from Secretary-Tresurer Sheila Ullmann at KapaluaKat@aol.com

Dues are $20 for Active USA Members, $30 for husband/wife Active USA Members, $15 for Associate USA Members,  and slightly higher for International Members.

Fund raisers are held periodically to benefit worthy cat organizations. This club has raised money for the Oakland SPCA Fire Fund, CornellFelineHealthCenter, The Winn Feline Foundation, Community Concern For Cats, CFA Animal Relief Fund as well as major FIP donation of over $3,000 to U.C. Davis, Davis, California, with the proceeds of the book:  Monte's Chocolate Cookbook.