A CFA Breed Club ~ Northwest Region


Havana Brown Fanciers represented the Havana Browns at the first

Meet The Breeds event held in New York City



This CFA/AKC joint effort featured a booth for each dog and cat breed


Our club,  individual club members and others graciously funded our booth at this exciting event which brought in 36,000 spectators

Our Wonderful Havana Brown Fanciers' SPONSORS:



Blakewood: Kathi Hoos ~ Pennsylvania

Broghill:  Carolyn Huddy ~ Washington

Composercat:  Bill and LeAnn Rupy ~ NY

Havacat:  Lowell & Karen Rogers ~ Mississippi

Kapalua:  Sheila & Larry Ullmann ~ California

Mokolea:  Diane Mounib ~ Virginia

Oberlin:  Patrick & Jonna Inman ~ Kansas

Siddhis:  Deb Decker ~ Texas

Xocol:  Shelly Ducharme & Frank O'Connor ~ Alabama


Cindy Dibattista ~ Nevada

Ruthe Groth ~ Texas

Dr. John # Diana Mosher ~ New Mexico

Dr. Linda J. Porter Wenzlaff ~ Texas

Lee Stacier ~ Designasaur ~ Texas

Julie & Wilson Wendt ~ California


Tom Chapman Arts ~ California ~ www.chapman-arts.com

Bill & Kathi Hoos ~ Pennsylvania

Hal & Elaine Law ~ Alaska

Paul 'Chi' Lee ~ California

Kathy Staley ~ Pucci ~ Maryland


Irene Lehan ~ Pennsylvania

Katherine Kleiser ~ Louisianna

Kevin O'Lone ~ Maryland

Winn Feline Foundation




Set up was a blast!  (not really)




But we did get to see some old friends and thanked a few of the people who helped us along the way!

Sheila, Leann and Jonna with CFA Board Member and MTB Coordinator David White




Our booth turned out GREAT!





RW, GC RW, GP RW Kapalua Co Co Nuts (age 6) represented the Havana Browns in the Breed Showcase presented by Joan Miller.  He has had lots of practice, being the only HB in history to attain Regional Winner status in all three classes (Kitten, Championship, Premiership).




Our cats did fantastic with the crowds

Sheila and CoCo Nuts


Diane Mounib, Leann (with Rachi, her HB neuter), Jonna, Kevin O'Lone,

 and two Oberlin Cattery Kittens

While Diane and Kevin are not HBF members, their help was MUCH APPRECIATED!


Bill Rupy with Oberlin Cattery kittens........

 Kevin working the crowd in the background.....




Each spectator was allowed to vote on just one cat (out of over 100 cats present at the event) for Iams Cat Idol.  Our own CoCo Nuts came in 4th most popular cat in this

(and BOY were WE PROUD!).

CFA President Pam Delabar presenting CoCo Nuts to the crowd

in the first ever

 IAMS CAT IDOL contest


A fun time was had by all!